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About the Tiki Tiki™

Welcome to the Tiki Tiki ™ – your place for stories with cultura, color and sabor.

The Tiki Tiki is a warm, fun, familial space where we can share stories, videos, photographs and links of interest to Latinas and Latinos — from the first generation to the third and beyond. You will see yourself here because, like you, we were born into families who know what an ñ sounds like and that all good parties, no matter the size, require pushing back the furniture to dance the evening away.

Who we are as Latinos varies a lot, doesn’t it? The blood of Conquistadors runs through our veins, deeply mingled with Natives of the Americas, Africans, Asians, and Europeans of East and West. The combinations created a richly hued people with an even richer history. People with strong traditions and very good stories to tell.

And that’s why we are here.

To tell our story, in the first person, in English or Spanish or Spanglish, without stereotype or hype. The Tiki Tiki has been created to capture the flavor of our lives, of what it means to live Latin in America.

We love sharing funny, poignant and relevant Tiki Tiki with you.

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