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CarrieFergusonWeirCarrie Ferguson Weir, a Tiki Tiki founder, may have a completely Anglo name, but do not be fooled. The pica pica of her Cuban ancestors powers her Spanglish spirit. Carrie — or “Caridad!” when her mother is ticked — grew up in Miami in a big tribe of Cuban relatives. She is a journalist by education and profession, a career inspired by the powerful and colorful stories her own family is known to tell.

In 2005, Carrie left daily journalism to spend more time with her young daughter, Maria, and to co-launch Los Pollitos Dicen (The Little Chicks Say), a boutique line of Spanish baby and toddler t-shirts. Creating the business led to Carrie’s personal site, Bilingual in the Boonies; a second t-shirt line, Chichi & Flaco; gigs doing copy writing and public relations for small businesses; and a weekly column for Parenting.com.

Carrie lives in a little town outside of Nashville with her husband and young daughter and honors her heritage by regularly dousing the house with pine-scented cleanser and splashing her daughter with Agustin Reyes colonia de violetas. She also likes using the words: Retroacculturated, patatu and fuacata a lot. Twitter con Carrie at @CarrieFWeirand @LosPollitos.

Dariela Cruz-Gillespie is a graphic designer and photographer who was born in Venezuela and now lives in Southern California.

For many years she worked for design studios and at big corporations, but she now works with her sister at their own agency, Dari Design Studio. She also blogs at Mami Talks – A bilingual photo-inspired blog about a Latina mom and her family.

Dariela’s Tiki Tiki column, Pretty Things, is a monthly round-up of beautiful, smart, chic fashion, home products, accessories and jewelry.

Alexandra, Good Day Regular PeopleAlexandra Rosas Shultze is the publisher of Good Day, Regular People, a popular humor blog with the subtitle: “Because you can’t use your friends as therapists forever.”

The mother of three sons, Alexandra is the self-titled Empress, who has lived in Wisconsin since her family emigrated from Colombia when she was a small child. Alexandra’s writing has been featured on several sites, she also was a speaker in the

Madison show of Listen to Your Mother. (You can watch her reading her essay about her Abuela here.)  At Blogher 2011, Alexandra was selected as one of the conference’s Voices of the Year in the Humor category. You can find Alexandra on her site and on Twitter as @GDRPEmpress

Nicole Presley Presley's PantryNicole Presley is a culinary enthusiast who lives to eat, cook, breathe and talk food. She writes an original recipes food blog called Presley’s Pantry from her home in East Los Angeles.

Nicole inherited the gift of gab and naturally attaches whimsical short stories to many of her recipes, giving her readers a chance to view a life obsessed with food through her eyes.

Nicole comes from a family of artists and was raised in a eclectic bohemian household but never lost sight of classic traditions. Apart from working on her blog everyday, she dedicates her time to raising her 2-year-old son, Max, with her fiance, and dotes on her Mother. Any small left-overs from her blog recipes are fed to two grumpy chihuahuas, Oso and Penny. Nicole tweets @PresleysPantry.

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Marti DarbyMarta Maria Darby, a Tiki Tiki founder,  is an avid blogger, business owner, cook, graphic designer, scrapbooker, photographer and homemaker. Born in Havana, she fled Cuba with her parents, brother, and 4 sisters when she was just 5-years-old. Her family lived in Miami for the first 3 years of exile, and then moved across the country to the “left coast” and settled in California. Marta’s blog, My Big Fat Cuban Family, is a daily destination for hundreds of Cubans worldwide. Each day she weaves stories and anecdotes about her passionate and sometimes strange Cuban family, their delectable Cuban food, and other crazy Cuban-American adventures. She publishes her delicious recipes every other week on Babalu Blog – one of the most popular Cuban sites online. Marta lives with her husband, Eric, and 4 children, in Southern California, in their cozy home with a white picket fence. Marta Tweets @Smrtqbn

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza is a first generation Spanish-American poet  and published writer. She was born in Madrid to a Spanish father an American mother and raised between Madrid and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In one country she ate manchego and chorizo de Pamplona bocadillos, in the  other bologney and Kraft singles sandwiches- diagonally sliced.  True to her hybrid nature, she loved them both. Violeta lives in Pennsylvania with her American husband and three Guatemalan-born children.

Carla Molina Martins is the proud mami of two little girls who, like her, will grow up “on the hyphen of being Cuban-American, some days feeling more Cubana and others more Americana.  Born to a Filipina mom and a Cuban father, Carla was raised by her abuelito and his family in New Jersey where she was often called “La Chinita.”

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