B as in Beauty. Pretty pretty.


B is for Beauty

Alberto Ferreras is a guy, but he has just written what promises to be one of the most popular Chick Lit books of the summer — a quick read story about a Cubanita with a big butt who feels real fea, but is — like her name — a Beauty.

I was three-quarters of the way finished with Beauty the first night I cuddled up with her. She’s comfortable, warm and fun,  in that way that gorditas are supposed to be. Like many other reviewers, I could not stop thinking about the fact that this guy got into a girl’s head so well. Too bad Ferreras is gay because he’d be the perfect guy for a girl.

The book is funny and smart and the only beef I have with it is that B, as she calls herself, falls for a dude who has barely given her a sideways look and I cannot help but wonder why so many books for women create that scenario.

OK, whatever. I forgive Ferreras this because he does include some smart love-yourself and 12-step wisdom that anyone can follow. So, buy the book, support any good book that promotes a Latina contributing to the fabric of our country, even if some of that contributing is working as a, ahem, “comfort” provider.

I don’t want to spoil it for you and honestly, I’m in the mood to talk more about Ferreras because I was so happy to learn he directed and produced the popular HBO series Habla, a series that makes me nearly pee my pants from laughing so hard. If you haven’t taken a look at the shorts on YouTube, go there now para que veas for yourself.

Ferreras, who was born in Spain, is a multi-talented guy. He’s a journalist, a song-writer, a performance artist who calls himself “Dr. Truth” and answers questions posed by strangers. Many women he has found, come to Dr. Truth to ask “Am I Fat?” which inspired Beauty’s issues. After reading about him, I want to have a cafecito with him.

Some good posts about Ferreras and the book elsewhere here and here and here.


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