cariciaIn the past week, I have been to the hospital three separate times- twice for my older daughter, once for myself; all for things that ultimately ended well, gracias a Dios- and been in the position of both needing to give and to receive cariño.
Now usually, I show my love and affection mostly with words, but sometimes, words are just more noise for a moment that’s already thundering; then, you need touch.  A caricia is a way to show tenderness, love…to give comfort and distraction in a moment of worry or pain.
This week, reach out and touch somebody.  Your partner, your child, your dog.  Grab their hand, stroke their cheek, play with their hair. Or slow down enough to let yourself be reached; let  a loved one’s touch bring you whatever tranquilidad you’re needing.
*photo by sergis blog
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By Violeta on August 3, 2009 · Posted in del alma, dichos + del alma, featured

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Karina says:

I can’t go to bed without getting my dose of caricias from my husband or my girls. Just like I know that my daughters love the peace and love that come with mami’s caricias to them.

Posted on October 27th, 2009