Del Alma: Claim Your Goddess

I sat at the feet of the goddess Athena yesterday. She stands 41-feet-10-inches tall and she’s right here in Nashville, in the center of a replica of the ancient Greek Parthenon.

But, I was in her gigantic, gold-leafed presence to watch Beverley Danusis, an author and speaker, who was in town to film a PBS special titled “Empowered Living; Embracing the Goddesses Within.”

Danusis encourages women to celebrate the goddess energy and teaches about the seven archetype patterns the Greek Goddesses offer us:

Artemis the Warrior; Aphrodite the Creative; Athena the Leader; Demeter of Heart-Intelligence; Hera of Relationship; Persephone the Intuitive; and Hestia the Counselor.

While our personalities and spirits may lean more toward one goddess archetype than the other, each strength lives in us and if connected to, offers up balance and joy…and yes, empowerment. Claiming the goddess and wisdom in you is a shift away from the disempowered, dependent “princess paradigm,” she said.

Thing is, wisdom is innately yours. It is messages from the outside that erode it. All you have to do is grab it, tune into it (and remind your small children they’ve got it too). Some of us use meditation, prayer, yoga, hiking, whatever, to find our root power. The goddesses , and their interesting, ancient stories, are just one more way to get in touch with the force within you. (And use it for good, please.)

To find out more about the goddesses — or wisdom attributes — and see whom you’re most like, take the Goddess Quiz.

You know one of the ways Danusis claims her power?

When she orders a coffee and they ask her what name to call out she answers: “Goddess.”

Now, that’s claiming it.

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By Carrie on April 20, 2010 · Posted in dichos + del alma

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Leisa Hammett says:

And I was there and sat next to goddessCarrie. Three people there, including me, and I’m sure more, began doing some self-centering practices the next morning. Also, I have found myself pulling the plug on some of those negative messages. It was a very empowering presentation. Danusis is dynamic. Her message, powerful.

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