Dicho: El Buen Gallo..The Good Rooster

Are You a Good Rooster?

el que es buen gallo dondequiera canta

“El que es buen gallo dondequiera canta.”

and now in English:

“A good rooster can crow anywhere.”

Dicho taken from the awesome children’s book of proverbs and sayings, Mi Primer Libro de Dichos, byRalfka Gonzalez and Ana Ruiz.

This book sits on my 8-year-old daughter’s bookshelf and every once in a while, we pull it out, marvel at the glorious colors, laugh about the sayings and have great conversations about what the dichos mean.

I tell her the dichos — fabulous, wise, funny — proverbs are part of her cultura.

My first book of proverbs

Mi Primer Libro de Dichos


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TimTee says:

Me encanta! Estoy estudiando espanol…entonces este libro es muy util para mi~~ gracias una vez mas! :-)

Posted on February 27th, 2012