Dicho: Ojos Que No Ven…

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Ojos Que No Ven...

Ojos Que No Ven, Corazon Que No Siente

Translation: What the eyes don’t see, the heart can’t feel. Or, what your eyes can’t see, can’t hurt your heart.

Or, is it more out of sight, out of mind?

This dicho, this frase, always has baffled me.

On the one hand, what you don’t see, don’t know, can’t hurt you. True.

But, it is an old call to ignore — purposely– something that is wrong? Something hurtful? We as a culture of women are too often still called upon to turn our eyes away from truths. Para no sentir lo malo. So we don’t have to deal. To aguantar, if you will.

Or, is it an act of survival, of lo que sea, of moving forward without drama and trauma? Why rock the boat?

I have purposely averted my eyes before…in all manner of things. Sometimes, you have to, and sometimes, you just don’t know what else to do.

I wonder, when I hear this frase, or when it pops into my head, if I ever will use it on my daughter.

And, I guess it depends. Depende.

Is it love, work, friendship that has her hurting, doubting? How badly?

But, in the end, esta believes that seeing truths is way better than not. Because, the heart heals. No matter what.

Ojos Que No Ven Video by Alexis y Fido

I do love how this dicho is so popular, so forever relevant…even in Reggaeton. Check out Ojos Que No Ven.

ojos que no ven by barrio feliz on flickr

By Carrie on March 19, 2012 · Posted in dicho del dia

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Abuela says:

Muchas veces es mejor no saber cosas que pueden herirte,ya sea sobre uno o de tus seres queridos,no creo que a todos nos guste la franquesa aunque sea una “critica constructiva”.Asi que es mejor como dice el dicho,Ojos que no ven,Corazon que no siente.(Si deseas lo puedes traducir).

Posted on March 22nd, 2012