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About Reviews and Sponsored Posts

For the Reader:

The Tiki Tiki accepts items for review and paid, sponsored posts with one big, giant condition: That the item or topic is relevant to our readership.

If the product, service or idea generates a great essay, photo of video for the Tiki Tiki, then yes. Pero si no, then no.

It is our guarantee to you that our editorial space is free of bias and always full of the tiki tiki you trust.

Lo prometemos.

For Advertisers and Brands:

Yes, pitch us a product for review consideration, but before you do consider this:

The Tiki Tiki is well-focused on Latinos in the U.S. and decisions to post about it will be based on whether the product or campaign is reputable and relevant to our readership. (see above).

    Please read our Disclosure Policy for more information.

    Contact info @ tikitikiblog.com.

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