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Black Velvet
December 16, 2012 – 3:09 pm | 17 Comments

Childhood memories are vivid, almost indescribable in their detail, and impossible to forget. A Christmas memory I have is that of a black velvet dress  a family friend gave to me for my seventh Christmas.
The …

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Embrace and Accept

Submitted by on January 11, 2011 – 8:57 am13 Comments


I complain a lot about the cold.

“Que freaking frio,” I say, clinching.

My husband usually responds with “It’s not cold.”

And I usually respond with “But I am from Miami!”

And I clinch some more.

I complain all Fall and Winter, or whenever the mercury is below 75 or so.

As I write this it is 22-degrees outside and it is snowing. It is beautiful. The hills and valleys are white, the landscape in my little woods, serene.

During the last few days of snowfall, the realization has come that I really need to get over it and embrace the season. I am no longer willing to accept seeing the beauty from behind the window.

You see, I now get how my angst and dislike of the cold sucks my energy, limits possibilities. I spend too much time complaining. I realized while walking the dog in the cold and dark the other night, that my entire body was tight, resisting, and well, in my head, I was cursing. Energy suck.

Worse, I am not the one who goes out to enjoy the snow with my daughter. My husband always goes. And that is sad. At least for me.

So, in the effort to push myself forward…and shut up a bit…I have been bundling myself up in the most unglamorous of ways and going for walks outside, despite temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

Yesterday, I went for a walk in the snowy woods you see above and I looked for animal prints in the snow, listened to the crunch under my feet, watched a Pileated woodpecker have at it in a tree above me.

It was — dare I say it — enchanting! And I survived! (I also said my gratitude aloud for frumpy fleece and lined man-ish boots.)

This is another opportunity for growth, this disdain I have for cold. Another opportunity to push forward and past something that holds me back a bit.

For sure, I never will be a snow bunny and there is zero desire to go on a ski vacation, so don’t ask me. But today, I am taking the first steps toward warming up to the cold, and having one less thing to complain about.


Y tu? What ridiculous thing sucks your energy?
What in your life are you trying to embrace?

Share, por favor!


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  • I can’t embrace the cold. I have shoveled five times in the past two days. I hate the mess and the cold and the shoveling and having to be cold even inside because our old house leaks heat and it would cost an arm and a leg to crank the thermometer.

    But yeah, I have tried not to whine about it too much because how does that help? It doesn’t make it warmer. Doesn’t make spring come any sooner. Whining solves nothing and annoys everyone around me. But I still whine silently, on the inside. :)
    The gold digger´s last [fabulousness] ..In which my orange polyester doubleknit pants split in the back while I am at the blackboard

  • Sue Valencia says:

    Weather issues… oh boy do I hear you!
    I live in Veracruz, where, for one the heat can be stifling (I am definitely not a tropical person) and two, the northern winds are mind blowing (literally!).
    Los famosos “nortes” jarochos.
    I´ve had my share of despotricar contra el calor. After 18 months here, I now embrace wearing less clothes and looking all chamagosa.
    And with the wind… I just go out for a speedy run!
    Here´s my story about it: http://nicethingsinsmallpackages.blogspot.com/2010/11/libre-como-el-viento.html

    Anyways,I loved the picture you posted.
    So serene.. so quiet.
    Thank you for that and for the reminder to embrace what IS.
    Que tengas un lindo día!
    Sue Valencia´s last [fabulousness] ..La Reina y Yo

    • Carrie says:

      Sue! I love this from your post:
      “Me sentía libre como el viento y peligrosa como el mar.”
      Sigues corriendo?

      And thanks for reminding me of the word “despotricar.”

      The picture, by the way, is my land. How can I not try to embrace that?


  • I absolutely hate the cold too and after 20 years in Miami, we moved to Colorado! The first winter I thought I was going to die of frostbite just looking at all the snow from the inside of my warm home!!! I told my husband we made a mistake and we needed to go back – even I could no longer stand to live in Miami!

    A good friend of mine, who lives in Connecticut, wisely told me that once I had children, the winter would take on a different meaning. And, she was completely right! Both my kids were born here and my 4YO daughter absolutely LOVES the winter! The minute it starts snowing she opens the front door and stands in front of the glass door looking at the flakes fall, praying they accumulate as fast as possible so she can go out and play: snow angels, snowmen, sledding, jumping, whatever!!!

    Just this past Monday, which was a snow day over here, she begged me for hours to go out in the front yard to make snow angels. I delayed as much as possible because I didn’t really feel like bundling myself up, let alone the two niños. But, you know what? I eventually caved in and we had a blast! She made a bunch of snow angels, tried to teach her little bro how to make them and even had ME making one!! Talk about having one less thing to complain about, carajo!!
    Roxana A. Soto´s last [fabulousness] ..Bilingual Bear Books Giveaway

  • Tia Mirtha says:

    Well, mi sobrina.. It is cold today in Miami.. I think 59 or 60, to us that’s cold. No sun.. cloudy.. but, tomorrow will be another day and Mr. Sun will be back. Difrutamos este frio,mientras dure.
    Ahora que eres joven difruta la nieve y el frio.. por que cuando te pongas vieja.. los huesos te van a pedir volver al sol de Miami.

  • Beautiful photo of your land! And you’re so right, complaining about the cold, the heat, the *fill in the blank* sucks the energy and wastes golden opportunities. Great post!
    Maria Soto Robbins´s last [fabulousness] ..Varadero 2 Oil Painting

  • Maria Eugenia says:

    Although I came from Cuba at the age of seven, and have lived in New York my entire life, I HATE the cold!! I have always felt a
    sense of exhiliration when I am in Miami in the warmth and sunshine, surrounded by palm trees. Alas, I am still living up north, but I swear I will end up in Miami some day. My mother used to say that people always crave their “aires natales,” no matter how long they live outside their native environment. I know that in my case, this statement is very true.

  • Cynthia says:

    I will never be a cold weather person, but buying a down coat that went to my knees made all the difference in the world for me. I was just suiting up wrong and was just miserable outside in my wool coat. For me, I think it’s really the combination of the cold and lack of sun that kills winter enjoyment. But snow is nice to look at — from inside :)
    Cynthia´s last [fabulousness] ..How Apple TV Saved The Miserable Month of January

  • Well I’m a Mexicana that moved to New Zealand 9 years ago and I started counting the year by winters! My first two winters were the worst! I had never felt so much cold in my life and despite that I was also with a matching partner that could not hold me at night either, well it was horroroso!…but I also survived. I wrote it on my blog in english: http://wp.me/p1e1Tn-3Vand en español…http://wp.me/p1e1Tn-bT Now the winters seem milder or maybe it is my Mexican partner that holds me tight at night!

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