New York Celebrates Puerto Rican Day Parade

puerto-rican-day-parade-08The energetic and colorful Puerto Rican Day Parade was held in New York City yesterday. The red, white and blue of the island nation’s flag, and the cheerful faces of its people and descendants were on display along Fifth Avenue.

Among the gente were Jose Feliciano, Grupo Mania and Bernie Williams, according to news stories. Absent was the most famous Puerto Rican of the moment — not J.Lo, but Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

She missed quite the pachanga, apparently.

A few links just in case you missed it too.

The New York Daily News has a 20-photo slide show.

There’s a story in Newsday and a nine-minute video on YouTube. Look for the dancing girls and ox-driven carts and even Ronald McDonald. (We didn’t know he was Puerto Rican.)

Maybe one day the Tiki Tiki will sponsor a float. Better get to practicing the salsa dance moves.

From the site, bigMethod, comes an interesting blurb about recent data from the Florida State University Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, which concluded that ethnic minorities visit social networking sites more frequently that whites .Latinos, Asians and African-Americans are twice as likely as non-Latino whites to visit sites like Facebook and Myspace.

Some conclusions: Ethnic minorities are as a group younger than whites and that they tend to be ”drawn to collectivist values and often look to one another to help guide decisions and opinions.”

Go on over to the site to see the charts. They smartly break down numbers and show stats for English-preferring Hispanics and Spanish-preferring Hispanics.

We at the Tiki Tiki love social media.

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Those researchers know us so well.

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