Nigella and Eva and Frituras: All Hot

nigella lawsonThe Tiki Tiki is making cookbook author Nigella Lawson an Honorary Latina — she’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s sexy and she can cook. There you go. She’s Latina!

If you missed her on NPR yesterday morning, here’s a link to her summer recipes, including zucchini fritters. The story reminded your editor of the malanga frituras she grew up eating, so check out some Cuban recipes here and here. They really are delicious little appetizers.

eva-mendes from hissip.comSpeaking of wow, have you seen Eva Mendes lately? La hot Cubana is modeling for Calvin Klein’s Fall 2009 collection in jeans, garters and not much more. Video here.  If your editor looked like that she’d be half-dressed all the time too. (Sorry, Papi.) Mendes photos and commercial for Klein last year were banned because they showed a little too much peson.

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By Carrie on August 27, 2009 · Posted in el buzz

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