Sade, Ricky and Diversifying the Suburbs

Welcome Back Sade
Someone moved the Mason-Dixon Line on me. Though I live South of the line — and have sworn never again to live North of it — it has been freezing and snowing for days. It’s an unusual white out in a land where a half-inch of snow is the winter norm. Needless to say, esto frisada and muy cansada of it all.

So, warmth and joy were mine this morning when I saw Sade’s new site and news of her new album. It has been 10 years since the last. And it appears it has been worth the wait.

partial lyrics, Soldier of Love
All the days of my life
I’ve been torn up inside
I’ve been left behind
Tall I ride
I have the will to survive
In the wild, wild west
Trying my hardest
Doing my best to stay alive
I am love’s soldier

Love her. Seriously.

Diversifying the Suburbs
It may be the old reporter in me, but I love demographic information. William Frey is a well-known demographer who gives an interesting tidbit about the Census and Hispanics in this week’s Washington Post.

“If immigration stopped today, we would still see substantial gains in our minority populations for decades to come,” Frey wrote.

In addition, the 2010 Census will tell us more about the movement of minorities into the suburbs of America. Already, he said, a majority of Hispanic, black and Asian residents in metro areas live in suburbs. Also, guess where the fastest Hispanic growth has happened since 2000? South Carolina, South Dakota, Arkansas and your el buzz editor’s home state, Tennessee.


Ricky Martin has a Big Corazon
Do you know Ricky Martin has a Foundation? Si. The Ricky Martin Foundation to advocate for the well-being of children around the world.

The Foundation funded a study on human trafficking in Puerto Rico, his native land and results released this week showed evidence of commercial sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and purchased marriages.

“I am very pleased that through my Foundation we can bring awareness to the crime of human trafficking in my island. I am confident that the seeds we sow today will germinate in a Puerto Rico that ponders on this issue and acts for the sake of our children and for the good of our society,” Martin said.

Source: Hispanic Tips

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