Texting, Birthing and um, Nalgas.

And, once again, it is viernes. We like that.

Here’s the tiki tiki for the day.

Latina moms get a little stereotype action for the chancleta and the gritos. Well, Asian moms are in the news and there is wide criticism for the hard techniques used by some to raise their children.  It all started with a Wall Street Journal article titled “Why Chinese Moms are Superior” and from there, whoosh, mucho tiki tiki. Get the background at ShePosts, with lots of links to other sites and commentary.

My husband likes to say our culture has “no unspoken thought.” OK, maybe he says that just about my Cuban family, but still. The quiet non-Latino man who rarely knows where his cell is gets back-up from this study about how mobile tech happy Hispanics are.

The study by Scarborough Research:

Hispanics are more likely than other cellular users to text message. Sixty‐four percent of Hispanics who
use a wireless phone text message, versus 56 percent of all cellular users.
What are we doing with our smartphones? Downloading music, playing games and accessing social media — at rates higher than the general population. OK, I’m gonna go Tweet from my phone now, but please don’t text and drive.
Hey, are you wondering where Marta is? Read this.
Blog find of the week: A video blog on YouTube by Jeannette Hernandez, who takes the viewer through her pregnancy, natural labor and birth, and new mama world. She’s got lots interesting going on.

Herlinda Morales: Bien Hecho.

Three cheers for the Scott brand for giving a dedicated group of eight Latinos the Bien Hecho award for their commitment and work in the community. Among the winners:  José García, A Union City, NJ restaurant owner who donates a portion of his earnings each week to a family in need; Herlinda Morales, a volunteer interpreter in Los Angeles; and Miami attorney Liz Fate, who gives her time at a the Drop-In Center for Homeless Youth.

Each winner received $2,000 plus $5,000 to a charity or non-profit of their choice. To see the full list — and read inspiration — visit Marca Scott’s site.

Nalgas, yes butts, are being used to sell tax return preparation to Hispanics. Read the hilarious post by Laura Martinez over at Mi Blog es Tu Blog.

And hey, if you’re on iTunes go listen to the preview of “Cumbia de las Nalgas” by Los Mercenarios. Just for fun. I couldn’t find a link. And while you’re there, the song of the week is from Cultura Prefetica, La Complicidad. Very nice from a Puerto Rican group.

Here’s the group performing:

OK, your turn. What are you reading this week?

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Tracy says:

Okay – a few links in exchange for the ones you gave me. It’s only fair :)

Inspirational post by Ana over on Blogs de Mamás:

My favorite new TV show:

(I know I said I don’t like telenovelas, but just click through and take a look. At least you’ll get a minute of eye candy even if the plot doesn’t intrigue you. LOL. Pero en serio, even the plot is good.)

This craft is super cool, useful and really cheap to make:

I want to do the text on the clips in Spanish so not only will it keep bags closed, but the kids can learn from them. Chévere, right?

Feliz finde!
Tracy´s last [fabulousness] ..Paella en Microonda Microwave Paella

Posted on January 14th, 2011

Ana L. Flores says:

Thanks for the great links, and thanks to Tracy for sharing a link to my post over at Blogs de Mamás!!!! Celia sigue viva :)

Posted on January 15th, 2011