The Wisdom of Pancho Contreras

Pancho ContrerasSometimes, I picture myself as Pancho Contreras.  You know, Pancho from Plaza Sesamo (el muppet peludo y azul).  I’m thinking in particular of how he’s frequently (charmingly) cranky, and always grumbling about how busy he is (“Imposible! Estoy muy ocupado porque estoy muy ocupado. No tengo tiempo“) only to be easily talked into organizing primavera parties, playing portero, etc, etc. anyway.    It helps to picture myself as Pancho when I overbook myself because I can see it from the outside better and say (eventually), “Hey!  You are being ridiculous.  Stop!” (though poor Pancho never does).

I’m a recovering type A+ personality and have booked myself solid for the last two and a half years between multiple projects.  Now I have finally put myself in a place where I can, (me atrevo decirlo?) go at a little bit of a slower pace and refer less frequently to my master plan.  

But it’s scary to shrug my shoulders when people ask “What’s next?”  It kind of makes me feel like a bit of a zángana.

But who is Pancho if he is not the typical “Pancho” everyone knows and loves?   Who would he be if he finally had the time to just sit and smell his beloved cebollas?  The heart of what I am asking is: Who are we when we are not simply the things we manage/work on/do? I’m not sure, and that is the point.  Maybe it’s more a question of who can we be with some space?  

Whether it’s a week or a month or an undefined stretch of time, consider giving yourself the espacio to find that, even if and when you let yourself be curiosa y despreocupada, who you are has deep worth anyway.

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By Violeta on June 8, 2009 · Posted in del alma, dichos + del alma

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